Latest Hindi Bollywood Movie : Thappad

Thappad (transl. Slap) is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language drama film directed by Anubhav Sinha, which he also co-produced with Bhushan Kumar of T-Series and Vinod Bhanushali. The film, starring Taapsee Pannu, was released in theatres on 28 February 2020. Amrita Sabharwal and Vikram have been happily married for several years. Amrita is a sparkling woman and a homemaker, who is shown to spend her days looking after Vikram and the house. They throw a party at home to celebrate Vikram’s promotion that would have them relocate to London. At the party however, Vikram gets a call informing him that his promotion contract has been compromised for his junior. Angered, he gets into an argument with his superior whom he accuses of two timing him. When Amrita tries to break up the argument, Vikram slaps her in front of everyone. The incident leaves her shaken; she starts to realize all the little unfair things that she had previously ignored and admits to herself that Vikram slapping her isn’t what a husband who respects her would do. Moreover, Vikram refuses to take accountability for his actions, stating that he was upset, she got in the way, and things like that happen sometimes (which is wrong).

Unable to “forget it and move on”, as everyone advises her to, Amrita leaves for her parent’s home and stays there, leading to an argument between her and Vikram, as he thinks she’s overreacting. He sends her a legal document to legally force her to return home. When she refuses, her lawyer explains to her that her options are to either reconcile, file for legal separation or get a divorce. She files for divorce, shocking her family and relatives, who also believe she should get over it. Amrita doesn’t make any claims for alimony nor does she file a domestic violence charge; her stand is simply that Vikram has no right to hit her, not even once. She explains that she only asks for respect and happiness and the slap opened her eyes to the fact that she wasn’t getting either. To make things more complicated, she discovers she is pregnant. Vikram and his lawyer play dirty when he finds out that she is pregnant. They make false claims against her mental stability, honesty and file frivolous charges against Amrita to try and intimidate her and get sole custody of the unborn child. Hurt, Amrita decides to file for the domestic violence charge against Vikram unless he agrees to a mutual consent divorce and joint custody of their expected child.

Vikram and his lawyer agree to the terms presented by Amrita and settle for a mutual consent divorce. Meanwhile Vikram’s superior informs him that the board changed their mind and Vikram got the promotion. While congratulating him personally, he mentions that he heard about the divorce and calmly tells him that what happened on the night of the party was Vikram’s fault. He talks about how even though Vikram was arguing with him, he did not slap him even once but raised a hand on Amrita who was just trying to help him.