Latest Malayalam Movie : Velleppam

Velleppam is an upcoming Indian romantic comedy with a touch of fantasy made in the language of Malayalam, directed by debutant Praveen Raj Pookkadan. The film has Jins Thomas and Dwarak Udayashankar as producers with Lingson and Anit as co-producers. The film stars Roma Asrani, Shine Tom Chacko, Akshay Radakrishnan, Noorin Shereef, Sreejith Ravi and Kailash in major roles.

Pramod Pappan are the executive producers of the film with veteran composer S.P.Venkatesh taking care of music department. The principal photography of the film started on 17 November 2019 at Thrissur. Velleppam revolves around the life of Sara, who is a Velleppam seller at Velleppangadi, a market of the delicacy ” Velleppam”. Sara’s irresponsible brother Josemon falls in Love with Kaleena, which takes Josemon’s and Sara’s life into more serious troubles. Sakhavu, a comrade of the ruling party is the only helping hand for Sara and Josemon, but they never knew they are up against tough and cunning opponents.

Praveen Raj Pookkadan launched himself as film director with the romantic comedy with a slice of fantasy. As per the director, the film ” uses both reality and fantasy elements to say the story, like in movies such as Amen”. The plot also explores the case of someone missing from the place. Actress Roma Asrani, more selective in doing films was signed as the lead actress in a performance oriented role with actors Shine Tom Chacko and Akshay Radakrishnan were signed for other important roles. Veteran music director S.P.Venkatesh was given the responsibility to compose songs and background score of the film. Noorin Shereef was added to the cast later and she plays an artist who comes to Thrissur to retouch mural paintings of Puthanpally that were damaged during floods. The director and the lead stars followed a unique marketing after the first look poster launch by making and presenting Appams to the guests.