Latest Sandalwood movie : Mane Number 13

Mane Number 13 (transl. House No. 13) is a 2020 Indian Kannada-language horror thriller film directed by Vivy Kathiresan and produced by Krishna Chaitanya under the banner of Sri Swarnalatha Productions. It features Ramana, Sanjeev, Praveen Prem, Varsha Bollamma, Aishwarya Gowda in lead roles. The film was simulatenously made in Tamil as 13aam Number Veedu. The film was released via streaming on Amazon Prime Video on 26 November 2020.

The film after delay due to COVID-19 pandemic, was released on Amazon Prime Video on 26 November 2020, as direct-to-video platform. Vishal Menon of Film Companion wrote, “We never sense any tension. We don’t even see a genuine effort from these characters to get out of the house. It’s like they know they are in a B-grade horror movie and try to behave accordingly.

“Sowmya Rajendran reviewing for The News Minute criticized the screenplay as “series of unimaginative scares, with no effort to build the suspense or create tension”. He opines that it is horror in itself that the film was made. He concludes that stream the film only if there is a compelling reason and if anyone wants some scares, “… be warned, there is no boo, only boohoo.”